September 28

Wakakirri Performance

The Hillsborough Disaster of 1989 fatally took the lives of 96 Liverpool supporters in a human crush. It would take 27 years of fighting in the courts for the families of the victims to get justice and for the truth to be uncovered that the fans were unlawfully killed!

Berwick Lodge performed their storydance 96 at Frankston Arts Centre on 24th August 2017.

BERWICK LODGE PRIMARY SCHOOL VIC Melbourne from Wakakirri Official on Vimeo.

September 28

Performing Arts News

Performing Arts News

The past week heralded the pinnacle of the performing arts calendar at Berwick Lodge with our students showcasing their talents at the Victorian State School Spectacular in the Hisense arena and the Wakakirri State Awards Night in Hamer Hall.

State School Spectacular
Months of hard work were rewarded when 20 of BLPS students performed in the Mass Choir at the Hisense Arena on Saturday 16th September. The children who participated from our school were a credit to their families and our school. The way they conducted themselves and their general behaviour was a joy to witness, their passion and vibrancy of their performance was infectious and the show was just a great experience for all to be part of.

There was an array of talent from across the state on display and I’m sure those who attended would have been suitably impressed with the live performances from the cast. We really are so lucky to have such talented students which allow us to participate in such prestigious events.

Watch in early December when the Spectacular is aired on Channel 7!

Lorraine Montgomery and Christine Thomas
State School Spectacular Team 2017


After the excitement of progressing from the regional heats, our students got to perform our Wakakirri storydance ‘96’ once again at Hamer Hall on Monday 18th September.
The awards night at Hamer Hall truly is the ‘best of the best’. Every school who is invited to perform at the awards night has won a much sought after ‘Story Award’ and the awards night is a celebration of that success. Each school is presented with their Story Award on the evening.
Stories ranged in theme; from homelessness, retelling of popular stories such as Willy Wonka and Mr. Huff, natural disasters and environmental. It was wonderful to watch the other schools perform their storydances at rehearsals throughout the day and the atmosphere was electric.
This year, Berwick Lodge’s story won a state award for ‘Best World History Story’ and our student representatives Charli 6P, Olivia 6M, and Nathan 5R accepted the award on stage, which was presented by James Elner and Michael Cormick. We then waited in anticipation while the National Award was announced for Story of the Year Nominees. Only one school is nominated from each division from all the different states around Australia. Berwick Lodge are in Division 1 which is the premier category and we were absolutely thrilled to be awarded the STATE CHAMPIONS!! The dressing room exploded with cheers and tears of joy!
In the audience our Berwick Lodge community gave a standing ovation and the extended applause represented how proud our school community were of the win.
Being State Champions is a massive accolade considering over 20,000 students came through the Victorian Wakakirri program.

I am immensely proud of the Berwick Lodge students who carried themselves with such dignity, portraying a tragic story in a powerful way. I sincerely couldn’t have asked for any more from them.
I would like to thank everyone of the parents who supported their child in participating in this program. Your support is integral to the success of the Wakakirri program. I know how much it means to the students to have someone in the audience there to watch ‘them’. I appreciate that in doing so, you sit through hours of watching other schools perform as you wait to see your child on stage for those precious few minutes. And to those parents who had to come for the late night pick-ups from Frankston and Melbourne – thank you!

People’s Choice Award
Wakakirri run the People’s Choice Awards where the public can vote for their favourite school based on a summative video made of their performance. Voting opens Midday, 25th September, 2017 so please follow the link below as the story with the most Facebook shares will win!
Wakakirri TV
Results for both the People’s Choice and National Story of the Year will be announced on Waka TV – The Search on 20th October. You can sign up on the Wakakirri website for Waka TV notifications to keep up to date with the next stage of the competition.

Chookas from the 2017 Wakakirri Team
Lorraine Montgomery
(on behalf of the Waka team 2017 – Lorraine Montgomery, Jacqui Quelch and Rob Kelly)

August 26

Wakakirri Frankston Arts Centre

On Thursday 24th August, 92 of our Grade 4, 5 & 6 students performed their Storydance ‘96’ at Frankston Arts Centre.

It was amazing to see months of rehearsals and preparation come together in a powerful and emotive performance.

Berwick Lodge were last to perform in the Primary Division of Wakakirri 2017 and they certainly left the audience moved by their performance.

I was so proud to see the students perform with confidence and professionalism and their behaviour and attitude was outstanding throughout the day.

Story Summary
This year our story 96 told the story of the Hillsborough Disaster of 1989, which fatally took the lives of 96 Liverpool supporters, in a human crush. It would take 27 years of fighting in the courts for the families of the victims to get justice and for the truth to be uncovered that the fans were unlawfully killed!

Judge’s feedback
“A dynamic and uplifting opening to this performance which sets your audience up for the tragic fall that we know is coming. Great vitality and passion from the entire ensemble” – Alex Papps
Performance Awards
• Excellent Ensemble
• Excellent Group Acting
• Best Direction – Overall
• Amazing Finale
• Amazing moment
• Best T-shirt Design
• Best Minimal Use of Sets, Props, & Costumes

We won a Story Award for the Best World History Story Award. Only 4 of these awards were given in Division 1 (highly experienced schools) across Victoria, which is an incredible achievement for our students and a testament to their amazing performance.
Receiving the State Award means we also get to perform again at the State Finals which will be held in Hamer Hall on Monday 18th September!
Congratulations to Maggie in 6N for designing our Wakakirri T-Shirt which won an award on the night! Isabella, 6P and Phoebe, 6M also helped Maggie finalise her design.

Thank You

Of course it would not be possible without the help of so many.

• Mr Kelly for driving our props to the theatre and working on the lighting effects.
• All our grade 5/6 teachers who have come to support us tonight.
• Our parent helper, Nicole for working so hard for designing and painting our backboards. Also thanks to Miss Zammit, Maria and the BLPS art club for assisting Nicole.
• Krystel for helping with costumes, props and face painting.
• Our principal Mr Grossek for coming along to support us tonight.
• Miss Craig for letting us use the gym for rehearsals at lunchtime.
• Ms Norton and the office staff at BLPS for organising our ticketing and DVD sales.
• Erin’s dad David who donated heaps of Liverpool clothing for our football crowd to wear.
• All of our parent helpers who came along today.
• World of Soccer in Dandenong for numbering our soccer jerseys free of charge.
• LFC Melbourne who donated scarfs for our performance.
• And finally, we would like to thank a very special person named Paul Jackson – the cousin of the youngest victim of the Hillsborough disaster. Paul’s cousin was only 10 at the time and Paul was due to come along to our performance but unfortunately, he was unwell tonight and couldn’t attend. However, we hope he will see our tribute on the Wakakirri website.
• Thank you to everyone who has supported us and our tribute to the innocent people who lost their lives all those years ago.

Lorraine Montgomery, Jacqui Quelch and Rob Kelly
Wakakirri Team 2017