VSSS 2016

2016 #VSSS16 AUDITIONS are NOW OPEN for State School
Spectacular 2016. If you are a dancer, singer, musician or interested in
working backstage you can register your interest now!!
Follow this link VSSS Registrations
for more information.
1. Register for a Live Audition (Students)
2. Register and submit a Video Audition (Students)
3. Register your interest to work backstage (Students)
The 2016 Victorian State Schools Spectacular performance
day is Saturday 10 September. Showtimes are 1:00pm and
6:30pm, Hisense Arena, Melbourne Park

Wakakirri People’s Choice – get voting!!

Please love and share Berwick Lodge’s 2015 Storydance – Divided Together. We were awarded Best Original Story now help us become the People’s Choice too!!

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Vote for Berwick Lodge! Wakakirri People’s Choice Award

VIC Primary People's Choice Award: Berwick Lodge Primary from WAKAKIRRI on Vimeo.

Term 4

Welcome back to Term 4…

• Prep: Students will explore musical dynamics (loud, soft, fast, slow) by responding to music through singing, playing and movement. The prep students will be learning a variety of songs, some with a festive theme to be performed at the end of year celebration.
• Grade 1 and 2: Students will be learning about ascending (stepping up) and descending (stepping down) melodic patterns through singing and playing tuned instruments. They will also be preparing a collection of song which will be performed to parents.
Grade 3-6: Students will be preparing a scripted group performance to showcase their skills to their peers. They will self-assess this against student generated criteria and be able to identify their strengths and next steps. All students will develop their singing skills through preparing a class song, which will be performed to the school community.
• Grade 6: Students will be preparing a graduation song.

Extra-Curricular opportunities within Performing Arts
• Choir – students from Grades 3-6 will continue to develop their repertoire of songs to sing and perform.
• Zance – the whole school community will continue to engage in weekly dance-based huff and puff sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays.